Over 30 Years of Commercial A/V Excellence
From single-room audio systems to integrated audio and video systems for an entire complex, Sound Solutions delivers quality work on time and on budget.

Sound Solutions has been supplying, installing and servicing sound and video systems for commercial, industrial and institutional clients throughout the Lower Mainland and across British Columbia for over 25 years.

Simplicity is key. It not only keeps costs down, but also makes audio and video systems easy to use. Often a casual user or part-time staff member needs to adjust the volume or turn zones off or on: if the controls aren’t intuitive and straightforward, then problems arise. Our goal is set up the controls so anyone can make common adjustments, quickly and easily.

Audio Systems: We supply and install amplifiers, digital signal processors, hands-free and remote systems, microphones, speakers and mixers.

Video Systems: Large screen video displays, high definition wiring and digital signage, as well as security cameras, mounting systems, HD distribution systems and audio integration.

Installation: Extensive experience with both new and retrofit installations. We work with designers and architects to ensure installations are seamless and virtually invisible. Ease of operation ensures systems can operate by simply turning the power on.

Service: Our technicians are available 24-hours-a-day to keep your system working at its best. We offer loaner equipment when your system is down and have one of the most comprehensive service shops in Western Canada, able to service all brands of audio and video equipment.

Curt Palme

Curt Palme


Curt Palme has loved electronics for as long as he can remember.  Before he was 15 he had a lucrative business fixing his North Vancouver neighbours’ TVs and stereos.  Curt studied electronics at BCIT and began installing professional audio systems by the time he was 20. He  started Sound Solutions in 1995 and continues to bring his broad electronics experience, in-depth audio and video knowledge, and outstanding work ethic to each client and project. Over his 25+ year career, Curt has worked in all aspects of audio and video installations, service and system design.
Curt is equally at ease discussing a major sound system overhaul with an executive team as he is in his shop repairing an amplifier. He understands his clients’ needs and takes the time to provide quality audio and video solutions that meet their needs.  When he’s not installing professional audio and video systems, Curt enjoys repairing vintage reel-to-reel tape recorders for discerning clients across North America.

Trusted Audio and Video Installation Excellence for Over 30 Years