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Curt doing what he loves

By Curt Palme, Owner, Sound Solutions

A love of electronics is wired directly into my brain. I mean that figuratively, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day doctors discovered a web of wires and cables in my head. I’ve been drawn to electronics since I was a toddler, and recall being fascinated with my parents’ reel-to-reel player at a time most little boys are fascinated with trucks and fire engines. I’ve always wanted to know what’s inside anything electronic and started taking apart electronics and small appliances before I started kindergarten, probably to my mom’s dismay.

I am one of those people that doesn’t work for a living, because I love what I do. It’s not work; it’s fun. Designing and installing audio and video systems is pure exhilaration. Give me an amplifier that isn’t working right and I’m in heaven: the challenge of finding the problem and then making it right is a highlight of a work day.

Over the decades I’ve shared my knowledge with my customers. Most people don’t understand how their sound systems work, never mind what all the buttons and knobs do. It’s our mission at Sound Solutions to design systems that ARE easy to use, so anyone — even someone with zero knowledge of the system – can make the basic adjustments without breaking something. We also ensure our customers understand some basic background to their audio system.

We call these the “30 Second Tech Lesson.”

Sound Advice is where you can find 30 second tech lessons on a variety of audio, video and sound system issues. Watch this space for tips, tricks, how-to videos and the latest news on industry trends.

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