Tascam CD-200BT



Please find the important instruction pages on how to use all functions of the Tascam CD-200BT CD/MP3/Bluetooth receiver. The Tascam pages cover all aspects of using the unit, but there’s a few important points to note:

1) The CD tray will accept all CDs as well as MP3 files burned to a CD. We have not had problems playing burned CDs or MP3s on the Tascam unit, but note of course that if the CD is badly scratched, the player may not read the discs properly.

2) For Tascam units exposed to a chlorine environment, whether located in a guard room, on a pool deck, or in a room away from the pool, the chlorine particles will attack the CD player and the function buttons. A typical life of a CD player in a commercial environment is 3-4 years, however if the ventilation is not good in the natatorium, we’ve had these CD players last as short as 18 months before the buttons stop working, or the laser fails due to chlorine buildup.

3) Bluetooth operation- it is very important to turn your phone or tablet volume to 100% when playing music. If your phone volume is down below the 50% mark, you may not hear any sound through your sound system even though the phone or tablet is properly paired to the CD-200BT unit.

4) Once one person is paired to the CD-200BT Bluetooth receiver, other people cannot access the system. In order for the next person to pair to the Bluetooth unit, the first person has to disconnect their device from the Bluetooth receiver, or be out of range of the unit, in order for it to disconnect. Note that the Tascam CD-200 BT has a better range than most Bluetooth receivers, so the first user of the Bluetooth receiver may still be paired while in the building, even though they have stopped using the Bluetooth receiver. To unpair, you can also power down the CD-200BT, then turn it back on again. This will disconnect the first user from the Bluetooth receiver.

5) The ‘AUX’ function will not light up on the CD player until a 3.5mm cable is plugged into the CD player. Then, pressing ‘source’ and ‘select’ simultaneously will switch between ‘CD’, ‘BT’ and ‘AUX’. Unless you are using an MP3 player that has no Bluetooth function in it, we recommend always using the Bluetooth function on the CD-200BT to save wear and tear on the 3.5mm jack and cable.


Click on links below for additional  detailed instructions on specific operations:



CD Playback

Bluetooth Device Playback