Williams Machinery Sound Masking July 2017

With modern offices  moving towards an open layout concept in recent years for their employees, privacy is very much at a premium these days. Many work stations are often placed adjacent to each other within small cubicles, separated by half walls. Although this layout offers some  level of visual privacy,  the dividers are not effective at blocking out sound. Many more working environments are completely open, and the resulting noise level can be very distracting to staff.  This is also the case in  boardrooms,  as thin walls allow for external noise and voices to easily filter in to the meeting, and conversely, conversations within this environment  can be audible to those outside these walls.  Clearly this situation would be problematic if a meeting is of a confidential nature!


We installed a Cambridge Sound sound masking system to counter  exactly these issues at Williams Machinery in Surrey, B.C.  In July of 2017, we installed a 3 zone  noise generator with independently adjustable zones, along with 43 in ceiling transducers. Sound Solutions completed the installation over a weekend, as wiring had to be run throughout the offices and boardrooms, which would have been very disruptive during normal business hours.



The key to implementing a successful noise masking system is to incrementally turn the noise masking up slowly over a period of about 10 days – by 1 db every 24 hour period. This methodology ensures that staff remain unaware of  the noise masking, as the brain acclimates to the white noise generated by the system. We advised the client on how to utilize the Cambridge 300 control unit during the initial set up phase, and we are pleased to report that installation was  a complete success!



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July 8, 2017