St Mary’s & St Andrew’s Church – Langley February 2018

Installation – St Mary’s Church and St Andrew’s Church in Langley


In February 2018 we were contacted by a representative of both the St. Mary’s and St. Andrew’s church in Langley, as they required a video system upgrade in both sanctuaries.   They had already received a quotation from a competitor, and invited us to bid on the project as well.

St Mary’s church is the larger of the two churches, with a 300 person sanctuary.  The current video system consisted of long analog VGA cable runs to two 60” TVs at the front of the sanctuary, and a long throw video projector that was no longer being used. The congregation requested the addition of an HDMI connector for newer laptops and Blu-ray players, as well as the ability to turn the TVs on and off from the sound booth.  In addition, they requested a new TV at the back of the sanctuary which would enable the pastor to view the video feed without having to turn his back to the congregation.

After reviewing the equipment list, we recommended that the VGA cabling be abandoned, as it exhibited signal loss due to the long cable runs. As an alternative, we recommended several HDMI to CAT5 receiver/transmitter boxes to bring the video system up to current technological standards.


We installed three 75” Samsung 4K televisions –  two in the existing 60” locations, and one at the back of the sanctuary. We then moved one of the existing 60” TVs to the chapel in the church, and relocated the sound system in the chapel to a proper rack with some shelving.


We then moved the sound and video equipment towards the rear of the chapel where it was more convenient to use both systems. There were enough crawlspaces in the building so no wire was surface run, and all cords and cables were concealed from view.


The other 60” TV from the sanctuary went to the smaller St Andrew’s church in Fort Langley, where it replaced an even smaller 40” TV. We relocated the 40” TV at the back of the sanctuary, so the pastor again could observe the video feed without having to view the wall mounted TV behind him.

            The existing 40” TV at St Andrews chapel, showing the duct taped video and power cords

We also performed some maintenance work on the existing sound systems.  We identified and eliminated an annoying hum from the main chapel, and added computer laptop audio cables so that the laptop sound could be fed to both sound systems.


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April 22, 2018