We had originally installed eight Community all weather  R.25 speakers into the South Surrey Pool back in 2009, and then upgraded the amplifiers and volume controls in 2015.

Due to the design of the aquatic centre, the chlorine has a tendency to attack the electronics and other components in and around the pool.  This results in rapid corrosion of switch and control contacts, which then causes intermittent sound. After some discussion, we decided to relocate the main amplifiers from the guard room into the front office, where they were then  protect from the chlorine environment of the natatorium. We used hermetically sealed volume controls in the guard room, and installed two CD players, so that  the aerobics classes would not be interrupted even if one  of the CD players malfunctioned. We  also change out the Tascam CD-200BT players once  a year to prevent downtime, and the built in Bluetooth receiver allows staff to connect wirelessly to the sound system.

We were asked in May of 2017 to upgrade the speakers in the shallow end of the pool, so that the aquacize classes could benefit from more bass and intelligibility. The speakers in the deep end of the pool were not utilized as regularly, therefore an upgrade was not required at this time.

We upgraded the 8” Community R.25 speakers to the larger 12” Community R.5 speakers all weather speakers which provided more bass and projection, and we added an equalizer to the back of the sound rack to emphasize more bass. While installing the new speakers, we noticed that the speaker grilles on the deep end Community R.25 speakers had corrosion on them.  We ordered replacement grilles from Community at very reasonable prices, and far less than it would cost to replace the entire speaker. Since the removed R.25 speakers were in good working order, we  offered a  trade-in value for them, reducing the end price to the South Surrey Pool.

TASCAM CD-200BT CD & Bluetooth player – click image for more details

One of the Tascam CD-200BT CD/Bluetooth receivers was also upgraded, since they were last changed out in April of 2016