Port Coquitlam Council Chamber Upgrade August 2017

We were hired in August of 2017 to do a minor upgrade of the Port Coquitlam Council Chamber.  The job consisted of rewiring the televisions in the chamber so that an HDMI signal could be fed to the new televisions. The existing TVs appeared to be original, and were old plasma TVs, with VGA signal connectors, and no HDMI inputs. The new replacement TVs had HDMI inputs, but no VGA inputs. A rewiring had to be done, and the televisions were wall rather than ceiling mounted.

We were also asked to move one of their desktop computer locations with associated wiring to a different council desk, so that the line of sight for people in the gallery as well as the online stream would be improved.

The retrofit consisted of installing several HDMI to CAT5 receiver/transmitter units, that would allow an HDMI signal to be run over CAT5 cabling over significant distances reliably. To re-route the computer and control wires, we had to re-route cables through the floor, and  then reconnect them. The existing connections had some loose ends, so these were cleaned up and terminated. We also cleaned up some of the wiring in the main audio/video rack, to reduce the rat’s nest of cabling.

Finally, we relabeled and added an HDMI input in the public gallery, so that a laptop could be plugged in, and be shown on the council TVs as well as on the streaming online.


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September 14, 2017