Point Grey Golf Course – May 2018

All we could ever dream of ”    Adam Z., General manager of the Point Grey Golf Course.

High words of praise from the General Manager of the Point Grey Golf Course, as he described the operation of the new sound system as installed by Sound Solutions in May of 2018.

What started as a simple service call in February of 2018 ended as a full system upgrade. Sound Solutions actually installed some of the original sound system back in 1989, when we were upgrading a system  that was dating back to the 1970s. At the time,  we put in three amplifiers into their meeting rooms,  in addition to some new speakers and microphone XLR connectors. To our surprise, much of this system was still in place and semi-functional, although others had added to the sound system resulting in the less-than-ideal installation shown below.

Due to numerous additions and changes, the existing system was hanging by a thread. It couldn’t be relied on to function when needed, whether for the PGA tour or a wedding.  Our tech offered recommendations, including a wholesale replacement of the electronics for all rooms, and the installation of a QSC DSP system that tied all zones together via a touch screen and IPad/IPhone control. After several meetings, we proceeded with our recommended installation. We worked around events in the clubhouse to minimize impact to members and guests.

We made the following changes to the sound system:

  • Upgraded the speakers in the meeting room
  • Added a Bluetooth receiver into the meeting room
  • Added a prefunction zone with an amplifier channel and four new speakers
  • Added speakers into the large multipurpose room
  • Added a proper lockable wall rack with hinges for the sound system
  • Moved the rack from shelves behind the bar to a more easily accessible storage room
  • Moved the wireless mics from above the TBar ceiling into the rack
  • Rewired the system, pulling out many unused cables from the ceiling from previous iterations of the sound system
  • Upgraded the audio processing unit to a QSC Core 110f with 7” touch screen in the office
  • Tied the sound system to the Wifi network  for Ipad control
  • Added speakers to the washrooms, lobby and main entrance
  • Added a separate indoor and outdoor sound system in the pro shop.
  • Added a  Bluetooth receiver and wireless mic into the pro shop sound system
  • Tied the new sound system to the music on hold
  • Added programming so that the prefunction area could be an independent zone, or be tied to the meeting rooms at the touch of a button
  • Added a new 4 channel QSC amplifier, and reused two existing amplifiers to reduce costs of the system
  • Added an Audio Technica lapel wireless microphone to complement the existing three handheld microphones.

       Wall mounted sound system rack

The new sound system control on the touch screen and IPad was one the most complex  we have done to date, due to the myriad of zones and music sources.  (Up to 6 music sources and 4 wireless mics available to any of the 10 output zones)

     IPad control, showing the wireless mic levels

Overall, the installation went very smoothly, with minimal surprises lurking up above the ceiling tiles. Much of the work was done during the early morning hours to avoid interfering with clients. The old sound system was left operational while the new system was being wired in, and the changeover to the new system happened over the course of a week, with zero downtime.

The staff  quickly understood how to operate  the new sound system. Both clients and staff noticed an immediate change in the quality of the sound, and the  existing Wifi network was flawless in connecting to the QSC system. The IPad can even be taken out on the patio to control the level and music source of the outdoor speakers.

    Sunderland meeting room


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June 1, 2018