Newton Wave Pool Rec Centre 2017 Installation


In 2012, we were commissioned by the Newton Wave Pool Rec Centre in the city of Surrey to upgrade the aging sound system in the pool. We subsequently removed a circa 1986 speaker system from the middle of the pool that was still somewhat functional, but was in a serious state of decline.

Subsequent to a thorough diagnostic evaluation, we installed a total of 7 new Community R.5 series of speakers, and integrated easy to use speaker switches in the guard room. We also set up a new sound system rack, as the chlorine had started to corrode the the existing one.

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We used a Lectrosonics DM1612 DSP digital signal processor with spare inputs and outputs to control the sound system and paging microphones. The paging microphone offers three zones to page into along with an all page, and any music is automatically muted while the paging system is being used.

One TOA DA-250FH amplifier powered the pool, and a Crest CC-2800 amplifier drives the change room and public areas for background music and paging.

Fast forward to 2016: Sound Solutions was requested to bid on, and was ultimately awarded the sound system upgrade for the Newton Wave Pool expansion.  This project consisted of adding a new structure which housed a weight room and mat room area, while the existing workout area was to be upgraded with higher quality speakers

Since the Lectrosonics DSP unit had spare inputs and outputs, we were able to utilize these to process the music andpaging for the new areas. We added a second TOA DA-250FH four channel amp for the new zones, and programmed the DSP for the best sound quality in each area.

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We added 16 Factor CT-660 in ceiling speakers to replace the original ‘shopping mall’ units, which provided significant sound quality improvements. The new mat area on the second floor utilized 4” Atlas surface mount speakers installed in between the wooden beams that spanned the ceiling. These economical speakers were well suited in this location, as they are being used for paging purposes only.


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The new workout area on the main floor used twelve Factor pendant speakers which were hung in between the Wilson joists, with white paint that matched the ceiling allowing these speakers to be effectively invisible.




Mat Room – click image for more detail

Weight Room – click image for more detail


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July 5, 2017