Michael Wright Art Gallery Video Projector Installation January 2019



In January of 2019 Sound Solutions was contracted to install an existing video projector into the Michael Wright Art Gallery, located next to city hall. It was desired to have a 13’ wide screen, so that large video images and other  projected displays could be presented for public and private art events.


The City of Port Coquitlam supplied a Mitsubishi video projector and mount, that had previously been used on a roll-around cart, and Sound Solutions mounted it on the ceiling. A Factor HD-1 VGA and HDMI input plate was installed next to the audio input panel at the back of the room to connect laptops and other video devices to. This Factor plate automatically switches between the two video input types, resulting in less buttons to push for the end users.



Due to the size of the screen, we opted to install a tab tensioned Draper Premier screen,  to provide a wrinkle-free projected surface. Since the ceiling is very high in the art gallery, we custom ordered additional black screen material, so that the screen would drop down to a comfortable viewing position. Significant reinforcement was needed to hang the almost 140Kg screen from the ceiling.
A wireless remote control was added, so that the screen up/down motion could be done from any location in the space.



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February 7, 2019