Kelowna Rutland Arena install May 2022

In May of 2022 Sound Solutions did some system upgrades to the Twin Arenas in Rutland (Kelowna, BC).

Both sound systems had a number of issues:

  • the CD players didn’t work
  • the rinks were not equipped with proper Bluetooth receivers
  • the smaller rink’s amplifier would cut out when the sound system was turned up
  • some components in the rack were bypassed, and the wiring needed a general cleanup.

The larger of the two rinks had a decent sound system installed by others, but it appeared that one amplifier was dead. Upon investigation, it was determined that the amplifier functioned fine, but the backlight showing the display had burned out. The decision was made to leave the amplifier in place, however we supplied a backup amplifier that could replace any amplifier in either arena.

We installed  a new Tascam CD-200BT combination CD player and long range Bluetooth receiver in each arena, replacing the defective Denon and Sony CD players.

The smaller rink had a TOA speaker system that wasn’t really suited for the arena. The subwoofers were two small 12” speakers – one located in each corner of the rink. The small center cluster was being pushed pretty hard to provide quality sound.  In addition, the manner in which the speakers were wired triggered the protection circuit within the TOA four channel amplifier, causing users to  turn the power off to the amp to reset it.

Despite countless resets, the TOA amplifier chugged on, and once it was properly wired and set up with new Community 15” 2 way speakers, the amplifier worked fine.

We provided a new Tascam CD-200BT CD/Bluetooth receiver in this rack as well, and put a security cover over the equalizer, preventing tampering by the end users. We used a real time analyzer to calibrate the sound system, and the new centrally located larger Community V2-1596 speakers covered the rink better with more intelligibility and sound quality. The center cluster brought the speakers closer to anyone using the arena.  With minimal acoustic treatment in this rink, the nearer the speakers are with respect to end users, the better the sound quality will be.
















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July 7, 2022