Invermere/Eddie Mountain Arena installation – May 2021

Sound Solutions was awarded the sound system upgrade for the Invermere/Eddie Mountain arena in May of 2021.

The existing system consisted of a pair of vintage 1985 EV speakers to cover the ice surface, and smaller entry level speakers over the spectator seating.  The remaining equipment dated from the early 2000s, and was at end of life. With no time delay set between the ice surface speakers and the spectator seating, the intelligibility was compromised throughout the arena.

The two older ice surface speakers



Aging equipment that needed replacing



We replaced the two ice surface speakers with a central cluster of 4 new Community 15” 2 way speakers, augmented with a dual 15” subwoofer, for more bass punch. The spectator speakers were replaced with six Community R.35 speakers, all set with time delays, for even coverage throughout the seating area.


New Factor music and mic plates


We installed three new Factor mic and music input plates, allowing patrons in the scorekeeper’s box as well as the media box to plug  music and microphone sources into, with local volume controls available without needing to be at the sound system rack. We also installed  Bluetooth receivers at each of the Factor plates for a wireless connection from phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

A Rolls RM-82 8 input mic/line mixer was used to control the Factor plate master volume, with additional inputs being available for future expansion of the sound system.


New community speakers



The new QSC amps!


The speakers are being powered by two QSC PLD 4.2 4 channel amplifiers, providing 400 watts per channel. An integral digital signal processor built into each amp allowed us to set volume limiters, equalization and time delays without the expense of adding additional processing equipment.

The  lobby speakers were retained from the original system, as they were in good condition, and should last for many years to com.

The system was dialed in using a real time analyzer, and the client noted a significant improvement of the sound quality from the original system.



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July 31, 2021