Hope Recreation Centre – October 2017

The original ‘rack’ system left a bit to be desired!

Sound Solutions upgraded the sound system at the Hope Recreation Centre in November 2014. The existing sound systems had been cobbled together with old and even older equipment, ranging from consumer to mid grade commercial amplifiers. This resulted in the centre having to deal with several different sound systems in various areas. They also found themselves without any central paging system or background music throughout the building. They wished to add a new sound system in the conferencing centre, with a conferencing/council chamber type of microphone system, along with speakers and a video projector with VGA and HDMI inputs.

New sound rack on casters for easy servicing

We installed a central rack located at the reception area, with a multi-zone paging mic, as well as a  Lectrosonics DM1612 digital signal processor to route all signals. We  also added a new TOA DA—250 4 channel power amplifier, along with background music inputs, as well as an auxiliary input for smartphones and MP3 players, for special occasions.

Due to budgetary restrictions, we reused some of the existing equipment.  This included the speakers and amplifiers for the arena, along with the pool speakers. We installed Factor lockable microphone and music input plates in the arena scorekeeper’s area, the arena and pool offices,  and in the workout area for easy connection of the various input sources to the sound system. With the Factor plates having volume controls built right into them, level adjustment of the sound in the various areas can be done right at the mic and music connectors. In the pool office, we also installed switches to turn each of the speakers zones off, so that the aquacise classes can be done at either end of the pool.

Factor input plate in pool office

A secondary rack in the arena skate shop ensured that the amplifiers were secured properly, driving the existing Soundtube speakers over the ice surface.

Upstairs in the conference room, we installed an Infra-red wireless TOA conferencing system, allowing the conferencing tables to be set up in any configuration without the need to change wiring of the conferencing system. A small rack allowed control of the various audio inputs, microphone and music, as well as an input from the front desk paging system.  Local microphone inputs are available on the sound system rack, as well at either end of the room.

Finally, an NEC video projector with a Draper motorized screen provide a sharp clear picture for both video and computer presentations. The audio output of the video projector feeds the conference room sound system as well.




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November 26, 2017