George Preston Sound System Upgrade 2017

Sound Solutions has been maintaining the sound system at the George Preston Rec Centre since 2010. This included the arena as  well as the meeting rooms adjacent to the arena. In 2010, we upgraded the aging meeting room sound system. We installed a  Xilica digital signal processor into the sound rack, as well as upgraded speakers and an amplifier into the meeting rooms.

In 2012, we upgraded the central cluster of speakers in the arena, and upgraded the aging amplifier rack to replace the amp and mixers from the mid 1990s. A Xilica DSP was added to handle signal processing from the various mic and music inputs around the arena, and two amplifiers were installed to provide adequate power to the new speakers.

In 2016 the Langley Rivermen moved to the George Preston Rec Centre, and we recommended adding speakers over the seating area, as the number of spectators increased significantly. In July of 2017 we were awarded the contract to  install ten Community R.25 speakers and an additional amplifier  to drive these speakers. We also upgraded the lobby speakers, as they appeared to be original, and weren’t design to project music and paging when the lobby was full of patrons.

The speakers over the seating area work in conjunction with the speakers over the central scoreboard. By delaying the sound of the spectator speakers, the sound from the central cluster arrives at the spectators’ ears at the same time as that the delay speakers. This allows the delay speakers to reinforce the sound from the central cluster, improving intelligibility in all of the seats.

A real time analyzer was used to calibrate the sound system, to set the internal digital graphic equalizers as well as the volume limiters, so that an overenthusiastic announcer won’t damage the speakers nor the amplifiers.

A significant improvement in sound quality was noted in both the spectator and lobby areas, and our installers visited the site twice during hockey games to ensure the sound quality was up to par when spectators filled the seats.



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October 24, 2017