Fraser Heights Community Centre Speaker Upgrades May 2017

Sound Solutions has inherited many existing installations where the original service and supply company has not offered quality after-sales support, or has simply gone out of business.  Such was the case with both the Fraser Heights Community Centre and the South Surrey Pool.

We have been providing service at the Fraser Heights Community Centre since 2015, maintaining their older Evo wireless mic headset systems, as well as some basic maintenance on their various sound systems. In May of 2017 we were called to analyze the sound quality in their aerobics room, as the complaint was that there was very little bass. After we completed our diagnostics, we determined that the  six small wall mounted speakers were not rated for the relatively high volume levels that the aerobics classes required. Over the 17 years that these speakers were installed, only one woofer was functional, and four of the 6 tweeters were also defective.

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We installed six new larger Community V2-28 speakers, with each cabinet housing two eight inch woofers, replacing the old cabinets that contained only one six inch woofer in each cabinet. The sound quality improvement was  immediately significant, even after we had only installed two of the new speakers. The aerobics classes are now  back to their high impact, high energy workouts!i



                                                                                                      Check out the before and after shots of the installation!  Click on the image for more details!


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July 7, 2017