Fleetwood Recreation Centre Sound System Upgrade Nov 2017

Based on the sound system work we completed in the summer of 2017 at the Surrey Leisure Centre, we were asked to provide a basic sound system for the Fleetwood Recreation Centre’s multipurpose room.  The current system is a portable roll-around rack with  small speakers, and the system was constantly intermittent, due to old cables, and worn out speaker connectors.

We were asked to provide a permanently installed sound system with a CD player, Bluetooth receiver, a wireless headset mic and two mic jacks – one on either side of the stage.

The room is approximately 60’ x 70’, which is typical of a small gymnasium, and the space is used for various events such as concerts, aerobics classes and yoga, as well as community events.

We installed two Community V2-28 speakers with wall brackets, which cover the entire room with uniform sound. Due to the available budget, we used a basic preamplifier, a Rolls RM82, with a QSC  CX-3 amplifier that has a small digital signal processor in it.  This unit provides equalization and a volume limiter, so that the sound system cannot be turned up past a certain pre-set point.


Two Community V2-28 speakers were installed on either side of the stage.  We housed all of the equipment, including an Audio Technica 2000 series headset mic and a Tascam CD-200BT CD/MP3/Bluetooth player in a wall mounted rack on the right side of the stage.




Wall mounted rack houses all sound equipment securely.  Two Factor RVC PRO mic and music input plates are located on either side of the   stage for convenient connection of any microphone or music source, with level controls right at each plate.  This means that there is  no requirement to run onto the stage to adjust volume levels.




A real time analyzer was used to fine tune the speakers to the room,  and the internal limiter on the QSC amplifier was set to limit the amplifier power to 250 watts per speaker, more than enough for even the largest functions.

The final part of the installation was to rebuild the existing portable sound system rack with replacement speaker wires, and to replace all internal rack wiring with new cabling, as the existing interconnects showed signs of fraying and wear.



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November 5, 2017