Corellieu High School – July 2018

We were awarded the contract to upgrade the Corellieu High School PA system in July of 2018 in Quesnel, BC.
The original Rauland PA system was still functional, but there was no means to connect smartphones and tablets to the sound system.  Further, with telephones installed into every room in the school, the need for a large bulky sound system became redundant. As most schools still have the need to turn off certain classrooms for general announcements, we installed two new switchbanks, but compacted the sound system into a smaller wall rack that swings open for servicing.


We installed a new four channel QSC amplifier so that individual volume levels can be adjusted for the classrooms, as well as the hallways and outside  as the sound was too low to be heard properly during class changes. The new sound system also incorporated a new TOA tone generator module, and tied the telephone system to the sound system for paging purposes.

We added a Tascam CD-200BT CD player with MP3 capability as well as Bluetooth connectivity throughout the entire school.



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July 20, 2018