Brennan Rec Centre (Squamish) July 2016

Painted grilles

Painting your speakers may seem like a good idea but trust us, it’s not good for sound quality

It’s sometimes the small jobs that provide the biggest opportunity for sound quality improvement. Case in point: Brennan Aquatic Centre in Squamish.

We received a call to upgrade the speakers are the pool, as the speakers were sounding a bit muffled and were cutting out on occasion. Upon closer inspection, we found that the speaker grilles had been liberally painted over several times, blocking much of the sound from coming out of them.

We could have tried paint remover, but opted instead to replace them with a central cluster of four Factor IO-870 all-weather speakers, along with one Community R.35 speaker for the hot tub area.

With a bit of fine tuning of the equalizer, the sound was once again intelligible and clear.

And in case you are wondering whether you should paint your speaker grilles, we can definitely say “no.”



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September 12, 2016