Al Imaan Islamic Centre – July 2021

Imaan audio and video system in Surrey, BC. Due to Covid and construction delays, the sound system did not get installed until July 2021.

While the sound system was relatively straightforward to install (6 zones of ceiling speakers throughout the prayer halls) and a variety of sources, ranging from wired and wireless mics to laptop computers and music inputs, the challenge was in the routing of these input and output signals.
Due to the variety of events and functions in the facility, each mic and music source needed to be made available in each zone. For some recurring events, various areas of the building needed to be combined, and the system had to be user-friendly for non-technical end users to facilitate.

Thanks to our ace programmer, we came up with an easy to use QSC 8” touch screen system, which allows the clients to press a single button on the touch screen, which enables presets. Various zone combining are instantly made without needing to deal with complex audio matrixes.


The client can set his own pre-sets at will, as there are 5 pre-set buttons on the home page. These can also be relabeled, using a pop-up keyboard, to name or re-name the pre-sets should the need for room combining functions change over time.

Other pop-up windows are used to send the two wireless microphones to the various zones as needed.


We installed a Listen Anywhere WIFI-based hearing assist system, which sends the incoming audio to smartphones via an easy-to-install app, allowing hearing assistance throughout the building.

A Barco Clickshare unit provides Wifi based wireless connections of any laptop or tablet to the video system via a plug-in dongle, to the televisions located around the facility. The audio from the Clickshare unit is routed to the sound system.

The audio output of the system is sent to the client-supplied streaming computer in the sound system rack.


An 8 channel QSC CX series amplifier is used to power the Factor E-675 in-ceiling speakers throughout the building. The main multipurpose room uses 2 channels of the amplifier, for more power and volume in the high-ceiling room.


The client supplied a PTZ camera and seven televisions throughout the building, while Sound Solutions supplied the mounting brackets, and installed the TVs.

A 4 way HDMI switch is used in the rack to select the HDMI signal from the camera or the computer, which is then sent to an HDMI distribution network via CAT5 receiver/transmitters. The resulting video image, accompanied by the in -ceiling speakers is stunning, and the audio and video are clear throughout. The picture below shows the full 1080p resolution on one of the 65” TVs from the PTZ camera.




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October 9, 2021