TOA TS-811 Chairman Unit





The TS-811 is a Chairman unit that can be connected to the conference system by a cable. It is equipped with a priority switch, allowing speech to take precedence over the Delegate unit. The TS-811 is directly connected to the TS-919B1 or TS-919B4 Bridge unit, then to the TS-910 Central unit via the TS-918 Expansion unit.

Either the standard type (TS-903) or long type (TS-904) microphone can be used with the TS-811.

Power Source 24 V DC (supplied from the TS-918 Expansion Unit (optional))
Current Consumption Max. 60 mA
Modulation Method Frequency modulation
Carrier Frequency Reception:
Audio channel 1: 7.35 MHz
Audio channel 2: 8.10 MHz
Audio channel 3: 8.55 MHz
Audio channel 4: 9.15 MHz
Control channel: 6.45 MHz
Audio channel: 1.95 MHz
Input Microphone terminal: XLR-4-31 type (dedicated for connecting the optional TS-903 or TS-904)
Output Monitor speaker: 8Ω, 0.2 W
Headphone: ⌀3.5 mm mini jack (3P:monaural) x 2
Connection Terminal RJ45 connector
LED Indicator Speech indicator (flashes at communication failure), Power indicator (flashes at communication failure)
Function Monitor volume control, Headphone volume control, Priority speech function
Operating Temperature 0 °C to +40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Operating Humidity 90% RH or less (no condensation)
Finish Top Panel: ABS resin, gray metallic, paint, semi-gloss
Dimensions 210 (W) x 68.6 (H) x 152 (D) mm (8.27″ x 2.7″ x 5.98″)
Weight 560 g (1.23 lb)
Option Microphone: TS-903 (standard), TS-904 (long) (select either one)