Window Intercom SS-100




Custom built to Sound Solutions’ specifications with  a 1 year exchange warranty!

1. Streamlined design, main unit is made of luxurious aluminum alloy and internal microphone for the extension. One-cable connection and simple installation
2. High quality speaker for main unit and extension, highly sensitive microphone, longer metal tube microphone for dual-way intercommunication
3. Adjustable incoming and outbound volume with separate controls
4. Auto dual-way intercommunication without pressing any button. Voice sensitive microphone switches to outbound audio when spoken into
5. Double-track adjustment with indicating light for recording all conversations




1.Technical data: Working voltage: DC9V
2. Max working current: 600mA
3. Main and assistant sound boxes: 2W-2W 100Hz-15KHz
4. Outside microphone: -48db
5. Inside microphone: -48db
6. Dual-way audio record