SR-3A Window Intercom



Model No.: SR-3A

Made in China



1) Hands-free two-way intercom automatically.

2) Special anti-side tone processing chip, with automatic squelch function, and can effectively
eliminate the squeal.

3) Easy installation, only one wire for the master unit and extension connection.

4) Using high sensitive mic, the mic can pick up the voice in 40cm distance, and transfer it to
each other.

5) With unique circuit and design , in the same time period only one side can speak, and the
other side will be not allow to speak, so as to ensure the both sides can clearly hear the
expression of each other.

6) Using electric- acoustic design with excellent performance, output power can be up to 2W,
loud and clear voice, voice resolution is high.

7) With recorder jack, it can output double routes of sound signal (coordinate with the ATM,
and other surveillance devices). Recording function is not affected by the control of the
power switch and other buttons.

8) The extension can be hung on the wall or be fixed on the glass by the strong viscose

9) With beautiful appearance, smooth lines, fully consider the use of environmental factors, to
improve the efficiency of users.