Rane Web Controls


ranelogoControl the Levels, Selectors, Toggles and Commands in any HAL System from any device with a web browser. Halogen 4.0’s Web Controls feature allows creation of custom HTML GUI control screens. Define the quantity of control pages, and the layout, labeling and size of each control, and completely test them using your default web browser from within Halogen.

Access any control page from any browser-enabled device on the network with a HAL device. Just open a browser and type in the customizable IP/webpage address for the HTML page – and bookmark it for easy access. Type in the (optional) 6 digit User Access code, and voilà, the trick, she is done! Control your HAL system wirelessly from one or more tablets, smart phones, laptops or desktop computers. The HAL web server is multi-client, allowing control across many devices and many rooms. You can link Rane’s wired DR remote controls (DR1, DR2 & DR3) and wireless devices and they’ll automatically track each other.

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