QSC unD4I-L Dante™/AES67 network audio interface (Attero Tech by QSC)



The Attero Tech by QSC unD4I-L is a four-channel Dante/AES67 audio interface that allows for integration of analog mic/line sources into networked AV systems like the Q-SYS Ecosystem. It features four balanced mic/line inputs, each with eight software-selectable gain presets and +48 V phantom power.

The 4 x 4 logic I/O (GPIO) offers an easy interface with microphone switches and indicator LEDs. Front panel indicators show each channel’s gain and phantom power status for easy troubleshooting. The unD4I-L also has two network connections to allow for daisy-chaining of one additional unD4I-L, and can be powered by either external +24 V DC or any PoE network switch.


Features & Benefits


  • Four balanced and RF-filtered mic/line inputs on 3-pin depluggable connectors
  • Software-selectable gain presets (per channel)
  • PoE capable
  • +48 V phantom power on each channel
  • Four logic inputs (GPIO) accept dry contact closure, opto, or open collector inputs and can send UDP status messages to connected DSPs or control processors
  • Four logic outputs (GPIO) with source/sink capability for LEDs


System Details  
Mic/line input type Balanced and RF filtered
Mic/line inputs 1-4 Software-selectable gain presets:
Without pad: 0 dB, +15 dB, +30 dB, +45 dB
With pad: -12 dB, +3 db, +18 dB, and +33 dB
+48 V phantom power on each channel
Mic/line input type Balanced and RF filtered
Phantom power +48 V, software-selectable
Mic/line gain Software-selectable presets: 0 dB, +15 dB, +30 dB, and +45 dB & 12 dB pad
Maximum input levels +8 dBu @ 0 dB gain
-7 dBu @ +15 dB gain
-22 dBu @ +30 dB gain
-37 dBu @ +45 dB gain without 12 dB pad.
With 12 dB pad: maximum input levels are 12 dB higher
PoE class 802.3af PoE compliant
Dimensions (HWD) 1.5 x 8.3 x 4.7 in
(38.1 x 210.8 x 119.4 mm)
Weight 1.38 lbs (.63 kg)