QSC Q-SYS network I/O processor


Features & Benefits


  • 64 x 64 networked audio channels (Q-LAN / AES67)
  • 8x AEC processors
  • up to 32 x 32 Dante audio channels (8 x 8 included)
  • USB AV bridging (8 x 8 audio + Q-SYS camera support)
  • Full-featured Q-SYS Control engine (with optional feature license)
  • External USB audio device host
  • Up to 2x VoIP instances
  • 1U half-width, includes mounting hardware

Rightsize your processor. Choose the I/O.

With the Q-SYS Core Nano processor, you have options! Use it to support an installation with network-only devices or add a few analog audio channels by pairing it with QSC Attero Tech Series I/O devices. You also have the option to utilize our growing third-party plugin library or Q-SYS feature licenses to bring in/out other audio options into your Q-SYS Nano processor.

Network I/O Only

Core Nano offers purely networked AV&C processing without any on-board analog connections. This represents a major cost savings for those installations that have adopted modern networked endpoints and/or need a shared/centralized processing scenario.

Rightsized. Uncompromised.

Rather than deploying an AV&C processor with unused analog I/O that occupies a full rack space, Core Nano offers a smaller solution with several mounting options. However, its smaller form factor does not compromise on functionality; instead Core Nano delivers a full featured control engine for third-party device control, full paging and BGM capabilities, automation, monitoring and beyond.

 Optimized for the Meeting Space

The Core Nano provides the AV infrastructure to enable full room web conference integration, particularly for larger, more challenging spaces. It features USB integration with all major web conferencing applications, eight channels of acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), two VoIP softphones, Software-based Dante to enable modern microphones, and a full-featured control engine for third-party device integration.

Reduce Complexity and improve scalability with the Q-SYS Platform

The Q-SYS Core Nano joins a growing lineup of AV&C processors built on a flexible software foundation. Like all Q-SYS Core processors, the Core Nano lets integrators take full advantage of the same Q-SYS software suite to design and configure systems. End users can take full advantage of all native Q-SYS peripherals and the system’s ability to scale your system without having to rip-and-replace your configuration file, as well as receive the latest platform functionality upgrades and security updates from QSC through a simple firmware update.