QSC CX Series 2-Channel Amplifier

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qsc-logoThe CX model line-up features:

  • 2 channel low-impedance or transformerless 70V output models
  • Each channel pair has its own DataPort and Mode Switch
  • QSC DataPorts connect to the most advanced QSC accessories and monitoring systems
  • Mode switches for Clip Limit, Low Frequency Filter, Stereo, Bridge Mono, and Parallel Inputs
  • QSC PowerLight high-performance, compact, and light weight switching power supply
  • Complete amplifier protection and monitoring • Barrier strip output connectors • XLR and terminal block balanced input connectors
  • Gain controls are recessed and detented
  • Security cover for gain controls prevents tampering
  • Active inrush current limiting eliminates need for power sequencing
  • LED indicators for power, parallel or bridge mode, input signal presence, -20dB, -10dB, and clip/protect
  • Optional front panel handles
  • Optional IT-42 isolated output transformer for CX302 for 25V, 70V, and 100V (or 50V, 140V, and 200V bridge mode)
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QSC CX Series 2-Channel Amplifiers