QSC Q-SYS Enterprise Core 1100

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qsc-logoThe Core 1100 represents the second generation of Q-SYS Enterprise Cores. It provides up to 256×256 low-latency network audio network channels and 96x AEC processing channels, using a pair of the latest generation XEON 4-core processors coupled to server-grade cooling towers. Additional features include super-sized, low-speed fans for maximum front-to-rear airflow with minimal fan noise, and a premium field-serviceable power-supply.

  • Centralized processing architecture simplifies signal routing
  • Cores are available in various sizes based on channel capacity
  • Intel® Xeon® Platform provides unparalleled DSP capacity for the largest and most demanding installations
  • Cores offer TCP/IP, GPIO, and RS-232 control for interfacing with external devices
  • Intuitive and easy to use design GUI
  • Operates using standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware for audio transport and control
  • System seamlessly integrates with QSC amplifiers and loudspeakers
  • Multiple levels of system redundancy are supported ranging from network-only to complete hardware redundancy including amplifiers

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