Q_SYS NS Series Network Switches


The Q-SYS NS Series offers a range of enterprise-grade, Dell-manufactured network switches that have been pre-configured specially to meet the performance requirements of the Q-SYS Platform, as well as network AV technologies including AES67 and Dante. With a primary focus on Q-SYS audio, video & control (AV&C), these network switches provide an out-of-the-box, plug-and-play solution for Q-SYS integrators building local AV networks.


Features & Benefits


  • Expedite deployment with a plug-and-play solution: Q-SYS NS Series network switches are pre-configured specifically to meet the performance requirements of Q-SYS audio, video and control (AV&C) systems, saving integrators an enormous amount of time installing local AV networks.
  • AV infrastructure for today’s modern AV ecosystem: QSC has paired rock-solid Dell EMC network switches with finely tuned switch configurations created by the Q-SYS product development team. They were then independently tested for optimal performance by the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Labs (UNH-IOL) against their Q-SYS network protocol test suite to ensure support for the entire Q-SYS ecosystem.
  • Future-proof solution: Q-SYS NS Series has also become the benchmark for future Q-SYS audio and video peripheral products, ensuring this investment in your AV infrastructure will support the expansion and evolution of your Q-SYS system for years to come.
  • Flexible network scenarios: Q-SYS NS Series network switches support Q-LAN, AES67 and Dante audio streams in addition to Q-LAN video streaming and distribution, simultaneously within the same VLAN without ever having to manually configure or adapt the QoS settings on the switches or end point devices.
  • Intelligent management & convenient connection options: These switches automatically manage any multicast traffic on your network, which can be common with networked audio and video distribution systems. They also provide a number of PoE+ capable ports for convenient connection of networked AV peripherals.
  • Reduce support requirements:  This investment in your AV ecosystem will decrease the need to engage with IT tech support saving you time, cost, and frustration associated with troubleshooting untested network switches.