Q-SYS NS Series Network Switches


The Q-SYS NS Series offers a range of enterprise-grade, Dell-manufactured network switches that have been pre-configured specially to meet the performance requirements of the Q-SYS Ecosystem, as well as network AV technologies including AES67 and Dante. With a primary focus on Q-SYS audio, video & control (AV&C), these network switches provide an out-of-the-box, plug-and-play solution for Q-SYS integrators building stand-alone AV networks.


    • Expedite deployment with a plug-and-play solution: Q-SYS NS Series network switches are pre-configured specifically to meet the performance requirements of Q-SYS audio, video and control (AV&C) systems, saving integrators an enormous amount of time installing stand-alone AV networks.
    • AV infrastructure for today’s modern AV ecosystem: QSC has paired rock-solid Dell EMC network switches with finely tuned switch configurations created by the Q-SYS product development team. They were then independently tested for optimal performance by the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Labs (UNH-IOL) against their Q-SYS network protocol test suite to ensure support for the entire Q-SYS ecosystem.
    • Future-proof solution: Q-SYS NS Series has also become the benchmark for future Q-SYS audio and video peripheral products, ensuring this investment in your AV infrastructure will support the expansion and evolution of your Q-SYS system for years to come.
    • Flexible network scenarios: Q-SYS NS Series network switches support Q-LAN, AES67 and Dante audio streams in addition to Q-LAN video streaming and distribution, simultaneously within the same VLAN without ever having to manually configure or adapt the QoS settings on the switches or end point devices.
    • Intelligent management & convenient connection options: These switches automatically manage any multicast traffic on your network, which can be common with networked audio and video distribution systems. They also provide a number of PoE+ capable ports for convenient connection of supported networked AV peripherals.
    • Reduce support requirements:  This investment in your AV ecosystem will decrease the need to engage with IT tech support saving you time, cost, and frustration associated with troubleshooting untested network switches.Note: Q-SYS NS Series is intended for standalone AV networks consisting of only one switch.  QSC does not support applications beyond the supplied configurations, such as additional VLANs, other AVC protocols etc.
Model 1 Gbps Switch Ports (PoE+) SFP Ports PoE Budget Mounting Cooling
Q-SYS NS-1108P 10 (4) 2x 1 Gbps 75 W 1 RU
Variable speed fan
Q-SYS NS-1124P 24 (12) 4x 10 Gbps 190 W 1 RU Variable speed fan
Q-SYS NS-1148P (discontinued) 48 (24) 4x 10 Gbps 375 W 1 RU Variable speed fan