The Q-SYS I/O-22 is a compact unit designed for use when the audio sources and destinations of a Q-SYS network are physically spread out, such as the individual seats in a conferencing system or individual rooms in a multi-room venue. Providing two line mic/line inputs and two line outputs, the I/O-22 is ideal for applications such as legislative or judicial chambers, meeting rooms, ballrooms, ancillary zones, classrooms, VIP suites, and stage patching.

The I/O-22 connects directly to the Gigabit Ethernet network via redundant Q-LAN ports (RJ-45 Ethernet connectors). Other connections include a scriptable RS-232 port and eight GPIO ports, as well as USB and remote display ports that are reserved for future use.

The unit is powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or 24 VDC and includes an 8.5-watt mono amplifier to drive a local monitor speaker. Compact in size, the I/O-22 includes a mounting plate that allows it to be used in numerous hideaway locations such as under a desk or attached to a rack tray.


  • Two mic/line inputs and two line outputs.
  • One 8.5-watt output for driving an external loudspeaker.
  • May use Power over Ethernet (PoE) or local power supply.
  • Premium 24-bit AD and DA conversion used throughout.
  • Mounting bracket simplifies installation.
  • Uses standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware for audio transport with dual Ethernet connections for network redundancy.
  • Q-SYS technical support is available 24/7 – worldwide


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