PTZ Optics Camera Systems




A System Built for Streaming & Recording


Finally, a complete PTZ live streaming system built for your favorite video production software. Easily use with Wirecast, vMix, OBS, xSplit, Livestream Studio and more to record powerful videos and/or live stream to the internet.

The PTZ Producer Kits are built to give anyone (including volunteers) an easy camera control system to operate with multiple PTZ cameras. This allows small teams to do BIG things.


Easily setup a PTZ camera for your church or organization with a system that volunteers (or professionals) can easily operate. Review your system options and consider setting up a PoE (Power Over Network) switch so that you can provide each camera power over a single Ethernet cable. This system leverages the very reliable SDI video cabling for maximum video quality. Each cable supports locking connectors to ensure a reliable setup for each broadcast.

Using a PTZ camera system designed for video production will reduce the need for camera operators and increase your production team’s capabilities. Using high definition PTZ cameras in this system provides small teams to more with less. Forget about over the shoulder cameras, with massive tripods and platforms. This system includes a simple PTZ camera controller with all of the connection cabling required for a complete system.