Williams Sound Large Area Induction Loop System with Network Control.




Large-area system offers flexible, powerful software control of mixing, equalization, compression and phase shift. Potent, class D, pulse-width amplifiers maximize efficiency and reduce size and weight. Dual-amplifier design offers the option of a single 12A output for large perimeter loops or dual 10A outputs for phase loop arrays.


System Includes


  • (1) DL210 NET 2.0 DSP induction loop amplifier
  • (2) PLR BP1 body-pack receivers with batteries
  • (2) EAR 022 surround earphones
  • (1) BAT KT6 Dual Drop-in Charger Kit (includes CHG 3502 Dual Drop-In Charger and (2) BAT 026-2 AA NiMH batteries)
  • (1) IDP 009 ADA wall plaque (T-Coil)
  • (1) IDP 013 Induction Loop Status Sign (pictured in gallery view)
  • 5-year Warranty on amplifier