This HDMI to RGB/YUV/DVI & HDMI Kit includes:

  • HDfury X4 Converter
  • Component extender cable
  • Digital Audio extender cable
  • BNC, VGA and DB9 RGBHV extender cable
  • Choice of power supply
  • USB > mini USB cable

Unit ships with Scaler Firmware as default. The HDfury X4 is an updated version of the HDfury4 initially released as 3Dfury in 2012.
It has been updated in 2015 with the release of the Scaler Firmware, thus allowing any HDMI signal to be displayed on any Digital or Analog display.
Please refer to the Scaler FW tab and 3Dfury FW tab for more details.
Today in 2018, HDfury X4 is getting a new update, now allowing it to be connected to a 1080p HDR source or Vertex/Linker output for conversion of downscaled 1080p HDR to 1080p SDR.
Owners of any HDfury X4 (either HDfury4, HDfury4S or 3Dfury) can flash any firmware (HDR to SDR, Scaler or 3D Conversion) at anytime.


New in 2018: HDR to SDR conversion and ambient light solution

HDfury X4 is now capable of converting 1080p HDR to 1080p SDR for perfect streaming while gaming in 4K HDR, for ambient light solution or for capture and display needs.

The difficulty with this HDR to SDR conversion actually does not lie in the algorithmic mapping of HDR PQ signal into the SDR domain but the fact that the result video even when converted with just PQ conversion does not look the same on TV.

Its clear that when a HDR tv goes into HDR mode, it activates processing that is not uniform across different TVs. the image appears somewhat different between HDR TVs based on our experiments.
Therefore, said from another point of view, what you see on HDR TV – when converted back to SDR – does not appear similar on different 1080p screens because the HDR image already was different.
Also, different HDR sources are mastered for different target nits. Some for 1100 / 1400 or 4000 or 10000 nits. Regular SDR is 300nits. So converting and scaling from a moving target into 300nits is another issue. Sometimes image is darker and sometimes lighter.

All these taken into account the product needs a robust color processing in addition to PQ conversion. We have done just that and thats why the delay to do it. Here is the first iteration of all the color algos + PQ conversion done and to us they look good already.