Factor X-66 Professional Network Multi-Room Controller Amplifier




Distribute 6 stereo audio signals to 6 rooms simultaneously
Cascade-able for larger systems up to 18 zones
Includes 2 x Digistream-1 Wi-Fi streamers
Stream music from your tablet or smart phone or use all the most popular streaming services
Includes internet radio with 1000’s of stations in every music genera
Direct Ethernet connection for complete Wi-Fi control from phones and tablets
Any source to any room simultaneously
Bi-directional RS232 control of all functions
Easy integration with master control systems
Six stereo analog audio inputs
One digital SPDIF optical audio input
Six stereo pre-amp outputs
Six discrete Infrared output ports / one master Infrared output port
Seven 12V trigger outputs
Master mute 12V trigger input
Switchable AGC automatic source gain control leveler
All zones (play source one) 12V trigger input (party mode or paging)
Free Control 4 and Compass Control Drivers available

Kit includes:

1 x X-66 master controller amplifier with 2 x Digistream-1 Wi-Fi streamers
1 x 2U Rack mounting kit
3 Year Warranty