CRS201-P: Infrared Wireless Microphone with Pendant Mic Kit


The CRS201-P Infrared Wireless Microphone System (UL Listed) is ideal for classrooms, boardrooms, computer training rooms and hotel meeting rooms. The slim, fully lockable, wall-mounted infrared receiver/amplifier/mixer accepts three different line level inputs. Because the CRS201-P is wall-mounted, there are no freestanding or rack-mounted components to take up closet space or be knocked off a shelf, and no unsightly tangle of wires.
​(MSRP – $ 938.00)

The CRS201-P can simultaneously control two infrared wireless microphones, and each device can adjust its volume by independent controls to obtain the best audio effects for each individual room layout.

Available also with  Handheld Mic Kit with ceiling or surface mount speaker options.


• Line out feature
• UL Listed
• Compatibility with signal processors (MP3 players and CD players,
etc.) from other manufacturers
• Easy installation
• Low heat dissipation
• Mounting bracket included
• Unlimited flexibility in systems design
• Simple, cost-effective expansion or revision of existing design
• Aluminum fully lockable casing
• Secured transmission within a room
• Colors: Brushed Aluminum