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dSPEC™ Networked Loudspeaker Processor

dSPEC™ is an advanced, network-enabled loudspeaker processor that works well in single unit systems or in large, networked applications. dSPEC’s three models feature multiple EQ, delay, limiting and signal routing capabilities. In addition, dSPEC includes Uniform Response (UR) Acoustic Power correction. UR provides 1024 bands of low latency Finite Impulse Response (FIR) equalization that flatten the Acoustic Power Response of the selected Community loudspeaker(s) to a high degree of precision with audible results that are outstanding and demonstrable. dSPEC also provides a unique Amplifier Calibration feature that precisely sets dSPEC’s three discreet stages of limiters (peak, program & long-term) for highly accurate driver protection.

Wall-mounted volume and preset control of the dSPEC: The RP4/LC1 provides a simple solution to recalling presets from a remote location using the dSPEC226’s Control Ports, and also allows for local level control. The RP4/LC1 allows up to four presets to be recalled by rotating the Preset (lower) knob.

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