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bose_cc_16ControlSpace® CC-16

The Bose® ControlSpace CC-16 zone controller is an elegant wall-mounted device designed to provide end-user control of ControlSpace systems. Custom programming allows the CC-16 to control a variety of system elements, from switching remote audio sources to selecting “scenes” or system configurations. The CC-16 features a bitmap LCD and four buttons for displaying and controlling the system settings.

bose_cc_64ControlSpace® CC-64
The Bose ControlSpace CC-64 control center is an elegant, programmable, networked controller that provides users a simple and logical interface to their sound systems when using ControlSpace ESP processors and/or network version PowerMatch® amplifiers. Because the controller is completely programmable, you can customize the sound system, making only certain controls available, and simplifying user interaction with the system.

Bose cc_4ControlSpace® CC-4
The ControlSpace® CC-4 room controller is an elegant, easy-to-use, wall-mounted controller for volume control and selection of up to four remote sources. This simple interface fits in a standard 2-gang electrical box and is suitable for use in controlling the sound in a single room or for use in basic systems. It complements the ControlSpace CC-64, CC-16, Volume Control, and Volume Control with A/B switch user interfaces and is designed to be wired directly to any ControlSpace ESP processor via the GPI port using a shielded cable with at least 6 conductors.
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