Atterotech unBT2A Bluetooth® Audio Wall Plate – Single Gang Receiver



Product Overview

The unBT2A is single gang Decora style in-wall Bluetooth® audio interface aimed at adding Bluetooth® audio connectivity to installed audio systems. The unBT2A can be used in any venue where there’s a need to stream Bluetooth® audio from a smart phone, laptop, tablet or other Bluetooth® audio equipped smart device to the sound system. The unBT2A features a simple and consistent pairing process to eliminate the frustrating experience users often have with consumer grade Bluetooth® interfaces. Through the unBT2A EXP expander unit (shipped with the unBT2A), the unBT2A outputs balanced mono or stereo analog audio on 3-pin depluggable connectors for easy connection to commercial audio equipment. The unBT2A USB port is used for initial product setup at installation, and the unBT2A EXP has an RS-232 port for 3rd party control.


Key Features


  • Single gang Decora form factor for easy installation in space constrained applications
  • Simple pairing one button pairing/connect process for standalone operation with LED indication of connection status
  • Simple serial control protocol for integration with 3rd party control system via RS-232 (Remote connection management and status monitoring)
  • Defeatable pairing button for restricted use applications with 3rd part control systems
  • Balanced mono/stereo analog outputs for interfacing to both commercial and consumer audio equipment
  • USB bus-powered connection for simple setup prior to installation and firmware update
  • Customizable Bluetooth®-friendly name for applications with co-located unBT2As
  • Compatible with most smartphones, Apple iPads, and Android tablets