Factor & Music Input Plates



Your  new Factor RVC PRO mic and music input plates are equipped with a Bluetooth receiver to allow staff and patrons to connect their Bluetooth equipped devices wirelessly to the sound system. The Factor plates are always ‘live’, so regardless of the mixer settings in the sound booth, the Factor plates can be used at any time.


The mic input accepts a standard XLR (3 pin) microphone connector, and a ¼ phone mic plug can also be plugged into the same dual-purpose jack. A volume control located directly above the mic jack controls the audio level of any microphone plugged into the mic jack.


There are two RCA connectors and a 3.5mm jack at the bottom of the Factor plate which a wired line level music source can be plugged into. A speaker connection from an amplifier or powered speaker should NEVER be plugged into either Factor plate, as significant damage to the sound system will result.

The middle ‘line’ volume control serves two purposes – it controls the volume level of both the music input jacks, in addition to the volume level of the Bluetooth receiver. The Bluetooth receiver is located under the Factor plate in the penalty box, and on the left outside of the metal box that the Factor plate is mounted to in the sound booth.


Note that both Bluetooth receivers have an AC adapter that is plugged into an AC outlet at each location. If this AC adapter is unplugged, the Bluetooth function will cease to function, although the Factor plate itself will function normally.


The Bluetooth receivers are used as follows:


  • The ID of each Bluetooth receiver is indicated on the inside door of the Factor plate.
  • Go into your settings menu of your phone, and navigate to the Bluetooth area. Look for ‘new devices’. One or the other Belkin Bluetooth ID will display, depending upon whether whether you are located in the penalty box or in the sound booth. Pair to either of the Belkin units.
  • IMPORTANT! Make sure the volume on your phone or tablet is set to maximum. If your volume is set low (under the ½ way point), little or no sound will be audible from the arena sound system.
  • Play the music on your phone or tablet.
  • Use the middle volume control on the Factor plate to control the volume level of the arena sound system.
  • Note that as with any Bluetooth device, only one person can be paired to a Bluetooth receiver at one time. Should two people want to connect to the Bluetooth system in the arena, the first person connected will need to turn off their Bluetooth function, or disconnect from the Bluetooth receiver in the settings menu. The Bluetooth receivers have an effective range of about 10-15m, so once a person paired to the Bluetooth receiver walks out of the arena, then the Bluetooth unit will automatically disconnect when this user is out of range of the receiver.
  • Note that there is no password protection for the Bluetooth receiver, so anyone within range can pair to the Bluetooth receivers in the arena. If a user is already paired to the receiver, a second individual cannot access the Bluetooth function as described in (6) above. To prevent unauthorized people from accessing the Bluetooth receiver, simply turn the middle volume control on the Factor plate to 0, and lock the door of the plate. Anyone can then still pair to the Bluetooth receiver, but with the Factor volume control set to 0, audio will NOT be heard in the arena.
  • The four keys supplied with the Factor plates will lock and unlock either of the Factor plates.
  • The ‘mute’ button shuts down the audio originating from the Factor plate. This means that if that button is pushed and the red LED lights up, no sound will come from that Factor plate. Push the ‘mute’ button again to activate the Factor plate.
  • The ‘priority’ button is not connected, and serves no function at the Nelson arena.
  • It is strongly recommended that the Bluetooth receiver is used instead of the wired audio connection. If someone wants to use an IPod or similar non-Bluetooth audio device, we further recommend that the dual RCA connectors are used instead of the single 3.5mm jack on the Factor plate. The only reason for this is that the RCA connectors are a much more durable connector than the 3.5mm jack.
  • Should a Factor plate become defective for any reason, call us at Sound Solutions and we will supply a replacement. The Factor plate can easily be exchanged by removing the four screws holding it in place, disconnecting the CAT5 cables on the back of it, and unplugging the 3.5 mm plug going to the Bluetooth receiver. Note the orientation of the two CAT5 connectors on the Factor plate in the sound booth. Reversal of the two connections will result in neither Factor plate working, even though the LEDs will light up. (No damage will result to the sound system if the CAT5 connectors are accidentally reversed).