Instructions for use of the iEast Soundstream Wifi receiver unit


  • Connect the power cord between the AC adapter and the Soundstream unit. Note that the power cord only connects one way into the back of the Soundstream unit, we recommend leaving that end plugged in permanently to prevent damage to the connector.


  • Connect the audio cable between the back of the Soundstream unit, and the Factor plate in the scorekeeper’s box.


  • Plug in the Soundstream power supply into the wall outlet, and let the unit boot up. This will take about 30 seconds or so.


  • Go into the Wifi menu (not the Bluetooth menu!) on your phone, and look for the A31Audio_F220 That’s the Soundstream Wifi unit. Pair to it.


  • Go into your music folder, and start playing a song. On an Iphone, at the bottom middle of the screen, there is a red triangle icon with three circles around the top of it. Other brands of phones or tablets should have a similar icon, to select the music to play through the Soundstream device.