Rane HAL4 Multiprocessor


The HAL4 is a stand-alone 2X2 Halogen replacement for the popular DragNet RPM2 with four-times the processing power, improved digital remote and Web Control options, simplified linking and improved preset recall capability. It solves just about every signal processing problem found in one or two rooms.

The HAL4 is a 2-Input, 2-Output drag-and-drop DSP device for Halogen software. Inputs are Line / Line-Plus / Mic / Mic+48V capable. In addition to supporting balanced line and microphone inputs, this configuration allows a stereo pair connection to an input, converting to a single L+R mono signal. Standard balanced outputs are provided.

A single DR port provides support for preset recall, level control and select functions using a DR1, DR2 or DR3. If more logic ins and outs are needed for pots, switches or external indicators, a DR4 or DR5 may be added.

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