Huge blowout sale on used band and A/V equipment

Sound Solutions has recently purchased all of the sound equipment from NAL Sound in North Vancouver, a long-running large band practice space.

Discounts available on sound system package pricing.

All equipment has been fully tested and comes with a 90-day warranty. Applicable taxes extra.

First come first served, quantity is limited!

This is a partial list. New items are added as equipment is tested, and sold items are removed. Call us for details.

  • 15 assorted handheld mics, Behringer, Shure SM57 and SM 58 mics from $20
  • 20 assorted mic stands, both cast iron base and tripod stands, booms, and parts from $10
  • 50 assorted XLR mic cables, ¼ phone and Speakon speaker cables, from 10-30’, from $10
  • Mixing consoles including Alto, Behringer, Allen and Heath, Mackie, Soundcraft and Tascam from $200
  • Aphex 204 BIG BOTTOM unit $110
  • Symetrix 501 compressor/limiter $110
  • Yamaha SPX90 II digital reverb $120
  • Lexicon MX200 digital effects unit $120
  • Yamaha 2031 dual 31 band equalizer $120
  • Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro $60
  • Audiologic 215 stereo 15 band equalizer $40
  • Custom 9-space rack w/locking covers & power bar $75
  • Audiopro power amps from 350 w/channel from $350

Yorkville speakersYorkville Elite 2000 speakers
600 watt power handling per cabinet, dual 15” drivers with a horn on top. Built in handles and casters for easy transportation. Ideal for DJs, band practice spaces, pubs with live band acts, etc. Frequency swept, no buzzes and rattles.
rolland kc60Roland KC-60 40W keyboard amp
3 inputs including mic, 2 line, and an aux input to jam backstage with your MP3 player. All inputs work, the case, speakers and amp are in good shape, no noise in the controls.
Behringer B2031ABehringer Truth B2031A powered nearfield speakers
Great working condition, cabinets in good shape. c/w power cords. No issues with these speakers at all. Great for recording studios or even for computer or MP3 player speakers.
audio-technica_mb4kMics, Cables and Stands
Shure SM58 and Shure SM57 mics $50
Behringer mics $20
Assorted 10’-25 XLR mic cables $5-15
Assorted mic stands w & w/o booms. Tripod type and cast iron bases and parts.
$5 +
AH mixing consoleAllen and Heath GL2000 24 channel mixing console
As with the other mixers here, all channels work fine, are solid & noise free. Sliders are “smoove like buttah” and all functions work fine. Fully tested.
Allen Heath WZ4_16_2Allen and Heath Mix Wizard 16/2
Includes a bonus 12-space SKB road case. All channels work, no noise in the sliders, switches or controls, the digital effects unit works fine, all presets are great. No intermittent input jacks.
Alto L-16Alto L-16 16 channel mixer w/digital effects
All channels work fine, all controls and switches are clean. Fully tested and working.
Mackie CFX12mkIIMackie CFX 12 Mk II
12 channel mixer great for home recording, karaoke systems or small church and other live band PA systems. Built in reverb & special effects. All controls & switches are clean & noise free.
QSC MX2000AQSC MX2000A power amplifier
Up to 1000 watts per channel, this isn’t one of your sissy digital amplifiers that rates power in peak watts, this is a ballsy true RMS rated power amplifier! Fully tested and cleaned.